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Kalina Ilieva lied even to SANS and OLAF

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  • Date: 1.12.2010
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“Our country will have to tell the whole truth to the European Commission (EC), which is that Kalina Ilieva has lied,” Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Naydenov stated yesterday in the Council of Ministers. He added he was concerned about the repercussions in Europe which will be caused by Ilieva’s fake diploma. “She was lying to us – to me, MP Borissov and the EU Funds Management Minister Donchev. Until the day she gave birth to her baby, she was lying to us that she had a severe gynaecological disease. But she lied to OLAF as well since she was part of the special team which included prosecutors, employees of SANS (State Agency for National Security) and other experts. Do you realise how many people and at what level she actually lied to?,” said Miroslav Naydenov. He suggested that the reason for these lies were her sick career ambitions. “I do not expect the scam regarding Ms. Ilieva to result in any turmoil in our work. Our aim is for the State Agriculture Fund to function steadily," said the fund’s Executive Director Svetoslav Simeonov. He has ordered an audit of Kalina Ilieva’s work.

“The Criminal Code stipulates up to eight years imprisonment for a person who uses a fake document for higher education,” Rusi Alexiev, Deputy Chief of the Sofia Regional Prosecutor’s Office, told Klassa. On Tuesday, the Sofia Regional Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation into the false diploma of the former head of the Agriculture Fund. Pre-trial proceedings have begun to cover the origin of the diploma and who produced it. “Kalina Ilieva will be questioned, as well as many officials to whom she presented this document,” Alexander Nalbantov, head of the Sofia District Court, told bTV. The difference in the rector’s signature on the copy of Ilieva’s diploma and its original can be seen. An inquiry of the official from the university in Berlin will be ordered by the court.

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